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HDB Interior Design Ideas

HDB interior design ideas are inspired not only by one's taste and by personality, but are also influence by their lifestyle.

Do you like to travel? How about being simple and organised? You can ask our home interior designer to create a minimalist theme for your living room or even an oriental inspired bedroom, complete with Chinese calligraphy painting, and bamboo or lantern pieces for lighting.

HDBRenovationSingapore has many HDB interior design ideas, facts and tips for HDB home renovation to help you choose a perfect interior design idea for your HDB flat

Popular HDB Interior Design Styles


Clean, Organised, Trendy. People who love a nice and clean look would appreciate this modern HDB interior design idea for its clean, no-fuss style. All the essentials of a home are kept to a bare essential with little flair or drama creating a quiet and soft elegant feel. Innovative style combined with sleek furniture design makes this a winning concept for modern Singaporean.


Ideal for people who are always busy and on the move, because it serves as a simple retreat where he or she relax and de-stress. This interior design idea can turn a HDB home into a peaceful sanctuary, away from the hustle and bustle of life outside. It is a minimalist approach where the basics are laid out and the clutters are stored on cabinets or storage providing a simple and clean look.


This interior design idea uses colours palettes that reply on white, black and natural tan with fabrics made of wool, linen and textured fabrics combined. Floor designs and materials include using tiles, vinyl and bare wood with geometric rugs to accentuate it. For people who love artworks or pieces, hanging original paintings and sculptures can give the room a more contemporary look. Glasses and metallic chrome accents are also widely used to give the place a roomier feel.

We Can Help You Achieve Your Dream Home

Choosing the right interior design style for your HDB home speaks volume about yourself and your personality. It is therefore crucial that you share your preferred HDB interior design idea with our home interior designer and she can help you choose one that suits your home perfectly.

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