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Receiving Keys To New HouseWhether you have just bought your new HDB flat, live in an existing one or planning to renovating a resale HDB flat, as home owner, you should be concerned with the condition your flat is in.

And if you decide to go for renovating the flat, it is logical that you carefully choose a HDB renovation service provider that could offer a renovation and interior design package that would not only reflect your taste and lifestyle, but also add value to your property investment!

We Understand Your Concerns

Modern Singaporean works long hours. The least they would want to do is to go from one renovation company to another or check out renovation companies websites and waste their valuable time looking for the right renovation package.

In more than 10 years in the HDB flats renovation business, we are continually amazed with how similar each client problems are.

Some common comments clients often complaints about:

Difficulty to search for a reliable renovation contractor who can fully understand the guidelines for HDB housing renovation.

Hidden costs and other budgetary concerns.

Authentic and Genuine materials and supplies.

Delays in projects completion.

One Stop Renovation Solution

HDBRenovationSingapore.net - Your One-Stop Solution.

Our key objective is to offer a one stop home renovation services for HDB flat owner who requires a complete renovation package and other house remodelling services to improve their living quality under a single roof.


We Want To Help You Build Your Dream Home.

View the information in our website for renovation tips, different interior design ideas articles and to discover how many home renovation services we have to help you make your dream home that reflects your personality.


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"I can already feel their professionalism in the first meeting. They listened to our needs before offering their suggstions." - Daniel & Linda, Redhill

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